Tshezi Nguni stud

Our family has been involved with farming for many generations. Cattle farming is a passion that is in our blood and part of our heritage. Nguni cattle breeding has always been an integral part of our family, and in recent years we have taken our passion for this beautiful breed to the next level.

Our family joined the Great Kei farming community in 1993 and we were instantly welcomed into a greatly supportive farming society.

In 2011 we took a decision to register our herd with SA Studbook, having already been members of the East Cape Nguni Society for some years. In 2013 we were invited to join the Amathole Nguni Breeders Group. This was a fairly straightforward decision for us to accept due to the prestigious caliber of farmers associated with this organization, and share experiences with seasoned Stud Breeders.

Currently we run a quality Nguni Stud herd with an excellent mix of resilience to infections and have over the years been able to adapt to the harsh environment of breeding at the coast. We thrive in an exceptional combination of mainly sweet, and sour veld overlooking the Morgan Bay coastline.

One of our many aims is to introduce this great breed of animal to as many people across our great country. We want other people to share in the shear beauty of this breed, and hopefully become lifelong friends of the Nguni Family.

Our Cattle