Lujilo Nguni stud

Our herd began when grandfather August started farming with bush cows which were well adapted to our conditions. He fortunately was able to steer clear of the popular British breeds of the day. In 1988 we introduced Nguni bulls, from Bartlow Combine and Victor Biggs.  The herd was first registered in 1994 as Wescol Nguni Stud.

   Lujilo Ngunis live in a harsh environment in the Kei River Valley. They have to negotiate rough terrain to find food and water therefore we breed a small framed animal.  Our policy has been the production of fertile, tick and disease resistant cattle under extensive conditions.  We want to ensure hardiness and adaptability. Mostly we have multisired because that is natures way of selecting the strongest.

We are passionate for the breed and we only see a future for these beautiful cattle that we love and cherish.  We will not  change or destroy what nature has shaped over many years of hardship. 

"It is our duty to save Created beauty!".

Our Cattle