Amathole Nguni Breeders

The name Amathole literally means “The calves of the Drakensberg” in the isiXhosa language. The name was chosen to represent our group of Nguni Breeders in 2008, as these breeders farm between the Coast and the Amathole range. This coastal belt is synonymous with tough grazing conditions and virulent tick borne diseases.

The Amathole Nguni Breeders group currently consist of seven permanent members. The Breeders hold bi- annual production sales at the end of every May and November at the new auction venue, the Komga Showgrounds

The group strategy is to remain committed to producing resilient top quality Nguni cattle that can graze and survive where others dare not, but also produce where others cannot.

Owning Amathole bred Nguni cattle will enhance and benefit your herd where ever you may be farming in Africa.